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SPLIT: true stories of the end of marriage and what happens next

March 31, 2017, from Fiction & Feeling

Tell someone you’re divorced and they look at you differently. The pity, shame, and sense of failing at something that was only supposed to end in death can be a heavy burden to bear.

But it doesn’t have to be.

This book collects essays written by divorced writers exploring what led them to divorce, how they lived through it, and, perhaps most importantly, who they are now that it’s over. Where often divorce represents loss and a feeling of defeat, these essays provide an alternative: divorce as a catalyst in gaining a new sense of self and the discovery of new ways to define success.

It’s not a how-to guide, but many of the essays provide examples of how life after the end of marriage can still be satisfying despite complications, joyful despite awkwardness, or revelatory despite grief.

Featuring established and emerging writers, the one thing all contributors have in common is they’ve lived through divorce and have offered for this collection moving, challenging, sad, funny, heartbreaking, self-aware reflections of that time in their lives. The writers are from diverse backgrounds and provide essays that are true stories of grief and parenting; of queerness, kink, and compromise; of artistic differences and academic dissonance; of mental health and addiction.

The contributors to this book include Bo Abeille (former internet-curator of pop culture and fashion), Janelle Asselin (former founder of comic publisher Rosy Press), Hadar Aviram (criminal lawyer), Kathryn Briggs (comics artist), CK Burch (writer), Jennifer Culp (artist and writer), Lucia Duncan (radio personality and teacher), Ray Fawkes (comics writer/artist), Gibson Grand (writer and poet), William Henderson (writer), Anna Graham Hunter (writer), Jones (photographer and writer), Jeana Jorgensen (teacher and writer), Sarah Rose Sharp (artist and writer), Katie West (writer and photographer), and Chip Zdarsky (comics writer and artist).

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